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You're liver won't thank you

Pro-tip: Don't start taking shots of vodka 24 minutes into a hour of power.

So I went to Jakob's with Andy, Brandon, Dorothy, and Dorothy's sister to consume lots of intoxicating liquids. Andy got the brilliant idea that we should have an hour of power. That basically consists of taking a shot of beer every minute for an hour, and it translates to a can every 8 minutes. I had to quit after 24 minutes because each shot was becoming increasingly thicker. Then I started with the vodka. I speant forty-five minutes talking madness with an equally drunk Brandon before crawling under a table and spending the rest of the night in a fetal position. I was able to fight the sickness as long as I didn't move. Also, Dorothy came by every once in a while and fed me water so it turned out alright. I woke up around 6 in the morning feeling like hell and dragged my ass back to Sharp where I fell into bed and slept until 1. Then I went swimming! I must be the smartest person ever. And my arms feel funny.
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