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Questioning existence...again

Went to see some fights last night. One of Andy's friends is a grappler, and there was an event happening at some bar. It was actually a mix of several different fights. Boxing, kick boxing, grappling, etc. There were also stripper fights, which were entertaining. At some point they sought some girls to fight and Dorothy, a girl that was with us, volunteered. It's sounds rather odd, but she is so awesome it hurts to be in her presence. Like staring into the sun, I suppose. Obviously, I'm crazy about her, which sucks because I always end up weighing my value as a human being and always find myself wanting. It could be any number of things, but I believe that it is because of this non-stop self-scrutiny that I've become more pensive over the past few days. No matter, when I reach the point where I can accept all the failures of my being I'll be one step closer to enlightenment. Or something. Regretting turing down the offer to out for drunkenness with Brandon a lot right now.
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