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I don't make many entries; there are no excuses. My computer was dead for a while; now it's back. I should stick to chronological order, however.

Lua and Matt came over; last week, I guess. I further suppose that the animosities between Lua and myself have dissolved, which is good, I've been striving for something of a more peaceful existance. We watched a canadian action, kung-fu, horror, comedy, musical by the name of Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter. All I can say is that the making of that movie was $30,000 well-spent. At some point in the evening the statement, "You'd have hot goth girls all over you if you weren't so mellow...that's a quote," came up. For some reason Lua is trying to revive a part of my mind that I think I've successfully murdered. Whoever was the originator of that statement must have been confused, but then again, they don't know what I know.

Last Saturday, I went to the house of my employer/advisor for a party of sorts. There was beer and there was rice liqour. I came to the realization as I moved towards drukenness with a dozen Chinese biology PhD's that I must be one of the most innapropriate individuals in existence. Not by virtue of my words or actions, mind you, but my existence itself seems like it wasn't really suposed to happen like it has.

One of my hard drives crashed Sunday morning. Complete mechanical failure...on the master drive. The new drive came in today, and I've spent most of my time up until now trying to make things as they were. The registry resides on the master drive. As a result, I lost all installed programs, even the ones that were installed to the slave. When a computer is your umbilical cord to current events, entertainment, and communication you are very alone when something happens to it.

I've come across several kinds of people. There's the drones who are technically sane but lack a creative spirit. The fortunate who are sane and creative. The misunderstood who are less than sane but have an extrodinary creative gift. And the lost who are neither sane nor creative. Which are you?
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