Jason (frozenphoenix) wrote,

First day of class

I was really excited to get back to class, but I'm afraid school sucks again. I was trying to get into a creative writing class, in fact I was second on the waitlist. Unfortunatly, upon checking for room changes, I noticed that the wait-list had dissapeared. I called the registrar about this and apparently if you weren't a part-time student your waitlisted courses got dropped. I still don't understand why the university college students get first choice at everything. Yeah, they're working probably, and have tighter schedules, but I doubt any were trying to get into creative writing anyway. As of right now these are my classes:

Organic chemistry (gives me the most fear)
Molecular biology (looks like genetics only with more deapth...supergenetics?)
Fundamentals of acting (a theater class? I know, but the drawing teacher scared me)
Introduction to Latin literature (nothing but translation, should be alright)
Probability and statistics

Alright, probstat needs more than just a parenthetical phrase. First, I strongly dislike math. With calculus behind me this would be the last math course I'd have to take ever. I can already tell it's going to suck though. The teacher seems really I'll prepared, and for some reason I go to this one four times a week instead of three. Ironically, the teacher has an accent so when she says "statistics" it sounds like "sadistics." This class must and probably will be dropped. I'll have to take it eventually, but I'd much rather take it four days a week for a month (ie. the summer section) than four days a week for four months.

I'm surprised the old anxiety has come back so soon. I'm sure once I get my classes in order, I'll be able to relax again.
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