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We're back

I made chicken tetrazini this night. The recipe called for fresh chicken, but I used frozen. It tasted good, reminded me of high school. Chicken tetrazini days were always good days.

Last Friday was Matt's birthday. Matt is this graduate student I met last year. He dated Dorothy (of boxing fame) for a while. It didn't last, she dropped him. Said he was too clingy and emotional. Over the summer Lua and Kristen hung out with him a lot. They gained a distaste for him, saying he complained too much.
So me, him, Dorothy, Lua, Kristen, Jon, Kristen's boyfriend, and a few other people went to Ninja. It's funny, several people (Dorothy, Kristen, Lua...and Jon because, as I said before, he has no will of his own) have this dislike for him, yet will still go places. Maybe they really don't, it's just trendy to bash Matt. He doesn't bother me much, but, then again, I'm not trendy. I ate natto and chanpon and was contented. Afterwards, the waitress leaned over to me and gave me one of those punch cards that they make a mark in after you spend twenty dollars. There were about ten people there so ten marks were made on the card. She said she gave it to me because,"she see's me here a lot." I think at that moment, I felt more important than I ever have. Laugh (I mean that in the imperative sense, not the internet, I-typed-laugh-to-indicate-that-I'm-laughing sense).

That saturday evening, Dorothy, Kristen, and Lua came to my place for something of an art party. I think I've made peace with Lua, actually. I made food for them, and then we watched animated pornography (to my credit it wasn't my idea, they suggested it...that makes it okay). I call it an art party because I had been storing some canvas for Lua at my place and we were going to use it. As it stood we just ate and watched the film. Dorothy left at some point to go out with some other people. Lua left immediatly after the movie. Kristen had been spray painting some fake flowers we got from a cemetary, and continued after the others were gone. We talked while she finished and then she left.

Then sunday, and nothing happened.

So much class related stuff keeping me busy. I feel like I'm either in class or doing something for it. A hurricane is about to hit North Carolina. Top Sail Island is one of the most beautiful beaches I've had the fortune to go to, and it get's the crap beat out of it by storms every year. I ready an editorial today saying that one of the paper's reporters was shameful in opposing Bush; it also said she was probably a mistress of bin Laden. More funny than that, the section editor gave it the title "Spray Liberally." It's the little things really.

Enjoying organic chemistry more than I probably should. Come test time, that will probably change. Acting brings a helpful change to the pace of my day, with verbal exercises and theatrical excitment. Molecular biology reminds me a lot of genetics, not too exciting, but the teacher makes good analogies (today, plasmids were like fighter jets). There is a girl in that class named Amy, she is also in fencing, she gave me one of her old molecular modeling kits.

"Yeah, she'd be great if she'd lose the god and find some perversion."

Don't be confused, I'm actually quoting myself from when I was talking to myself. Other classes are happening, but they should be discussed later. Last week I was strangely happy; at the beginning of this week, disapointedly sad; now, somewhere around neutral. The pattern loses it's mystique when it get's predictible, no matter.

I guess I should get back to work.
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