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Stories of Mediocrity

Most Things Don't Make you Cool

15 April 1984
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Greetings. I am Jason, not of any fame. I'm whoring for attention again.


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Date Created:2002-01-27

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frozenphoenix is a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma covered in a mustard glaze. He tries regularly to be witty and cool, but always seems to fall short. He tends to keep to himself, prefering his own company to that of others. This is his excuse, at any rate. He may actually be a loser. To his credit, he's tidy and dislikes being late.
Strengths: Unintrusive, makes detailed plans, may be able to write, may be able to draw, deep sleeping ability
Weaknesses: Large groups of people, small children, the elderly, mad athority figures, service to others
Special Skills: typing, creaky joints, high fleeing speed, worthless fact retainment
Weapons: hands, feet, chairs, poles, sheet metal, shoes, staplers, medium-sized rocks, enormous talented genius
Shamless recycling of quote: This space intentionally left blank

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